Thursday, 21 July 2016

Review // Penneys/Primark P.S Makeup Brushes

Hey guys, If you follow me over on Instagram you may have seen that I picked up some of the super cheap P.S. Makeup Brushes from Penneys. I'd had been on the fence about picking them up but decided to give them a go. I've been trying them pretty much daily and I'm so impressed by them I've even bought a backup or two!
Here's my review.

The first of the face brushes I picked up was the Double Ended Stippling Brush - €2.50, which aren't really stippling brushes in my opinion, but angled and flat top kabuki brushes. Both sides are dense but quite soft. I use the angled brush for foundation and I love it! It is a lot smaller than your typical angled kabuki brush, but don't let that put you off. It blends product beautifully into the skin and given the smaller size, it gets around smaller areas of the face with ease. The flat side comes in very handy for cream contour, especially for laying it down and then blending with the angled side.
This is one of the brushes I've since picked up a backup of!

Next up is the Smokey Eye Shadow Brush - €2.50. This double ended brush comes with a fluffy domed blending brush on one end and an angled liner brush on the other. This is definitely my favourite of all the brushes I've tried and I've picked up two more! The blending brush is super soft and well worth the punt. The angled side is a little two wide to use for eyeliner (in my opinion), but I do love it for my brows. The combination of this and my NYX Eyebrow Gel is a match made in heaven!  

The next face brush I picked up was the Powder and Blusher Brush - €2.50 and again, I love it! Both sides are so soft and fluffy. The Powder (larger) side is perfect for dusting powder all over the face, where the Blush (smaller) side is a fantastic all rounder. I use it for setting my undereye area, contour and blush and I know that Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits uses it for applying foundation, but I've yet to give that a go! I'll definitely be picking up another one or two of these! (Edit* I've picked another one up!)

Carrying on with the face brushes, I picked up the Contour Brush - €2.00 to give it a go! This is nice fluffy but flat angled brush, that actually works quite well for both a subtle contour and a more carved out look. I picked up a second one of these by mistake, but im actually glad I did, as I've been using it for setting my undereye area, for blush application and for highlighter! Its quite the multi-tasker!

Last but not least is the Kabuki Brush - €2.50. This is a super soft fluffy powder brush, which is pretty much identical to the Real Techniques Powder brush. The only difference being the handle size. Its a great brush for dusting powder or bronzer all over the face and neck, but because its synthetic I've found it brilliant for applying instant tan, like the Cocoa Brown Instant Tanning Gel on my neck! 


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